We are your Healthcare Unified Digital Lifeline

We help compassionate care teams communicate so they can heal the world.

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Our solutions unify the healthcare ecosystem and tear down the walls that often prevent open and
immediate communication across and between healthcare organizations, professionals, caregivers and patients

We believe

open and dynamic communication will unlock the human compassion and caring at the heart of healthcare.

Dynamic Care Team Huddles ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

MyHudlHealth Solutions offer anywhere, anytime, complete and flexible support for Dynamic Care Team Huddles–as-needed consults, meetings and conversations.

Real-time information handoffs, patient transitions and care plan updates are integral to MyHudlHealth, even within the most complex workflows.

Care teams can now stay on top of their game, and every patient gets the right care, in the right way, at the right time with HudlHealth.


We deliver

instant accessibility, seamless knowledge-sharing, collaborative decision-making and high-value analytics in ways that have never been easier.


Core to the Healthcare Unified Digital Lifeline (HUDL), is our HudlHealth Technology Platform that is specifically designed to:

  • Tackle worsening communication problems
  • Strengthen care team connections
  • Improve patient experiences and outcomes

We offer healthcare organizations a cloud-based, scalable platform that unifies your patient-centric digital strategy for instant, easy and secure communication across devices for all care team participants throughout the healthcare ecosystem.



We honor and support

our great healthcare professionals and caregivers who serve their fellow man, and the patients who strive to achieve health and well-being.