The Dawning Of The Patient-Centric Communication Economy

Date: May 16, 2016

Author: Robert J. Burg, Founder & CEO of HudlHealth


I’m excited to announce the launch of HudlHealth, Inc. and our MyHudlHealth Solutions that tackle the communication problems that plague the healthcare industry. All the ideas and passion behind HudlHealth are the culmination of my 30-year career dedicated to the improvement of the healthcare industry, including the development of new healthcare-related technologies. Also contributing to my drive to improve healthcare are my own experiences while raising 5 children and caring for elderly parents.


The professional experiences have been diverse: from running hospitals, to leading primary care physician groups nationwide in their pursuit of better health plan partnerships using advanced medical management and care coordination techniques, to pioneering in the electronic medical record/patient portal/secure messaging and Personal Health Record efforts. From personal experiences, I can tell you stories (everyone has a story!) about how frustrating it is to navigate through and communicate with all the moving parts of the healthcare ecosystem—as a caregiver and even for me as an occasional patient.


Knowledge of both sides of the healthcare experience is a powerful thing. Communication will never be easy. It’s one of the complex challenges of the human condition. But with the technology we’ve been blessed with, the time has come to create the digital unifier that brings the industry together to support a new patient-centric communication economy.


Drs. Isaac Kohane and Kenneth Mandl of the Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital have raised the issue around data for this economy (Link


We believe communication is the lifeblood of this new economy and HudlHealth’s mission is to serve as the industry’s digital unifier and solve the communication headache once and for all.


HudlHealth is for everyone I’ve met along this incredible journey…. the doctors, nurses, techs, case workers, care managers, executives, patients, caregivers, IT professionals, data scientists and insights analysts. It is the leaders among you that will help us make the difference and change the game. Want to join our huddle and kick off a new age for healthcare?


Let’s Go!


Author: Robert J. Burg, Founder & CEO of HudlHealth